Message By Head Girl

A leader is the one who out of clutter brings simplicity, out of discord............................ harmony

and out of difficulty............................. opportunity.

It is indeed a great honour and privilege to be the head girl of this reputed and prestigious institution. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the almighty for his countless blessings. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Rev. Father Manager and Resp. Sister Principal who observed and recognized my capabilities. I am immensely obliged to my teachers for making me as dynamic as being a head girl.

This school has given me everything one could ask for. The responsibility I am bestowed with, is something I have been dreaming of since I was a child. This indeed is a golden opportunity to inculcate values, harmony and to make a positive wave of shift. I would put in my best efforts to carry out the responsibilities in a sincere, systematic and dedicated manner, to work hard with devotion and determination and to work persistently for the excellence of our school. I will leave no stone unturned to make our school scale the heights of success. Though this journey seems to be very complicated and challenging but I believe the more you keep your vibes positive, the more you sparkle and the more you enjoy your life till the very end.

I would like to conclude with the message that words and ideas can change the world. Have faith in yourself, stick to the values, maintain your integrity, stand for the right, be courageous to think differently and be the first change to bring a difference in the world.

With this wish and motive, I pray from the core of my heart

“May the glory of St. Mary’s Sr. Sec. School outshine in the Zenith of Heaven.”


Anna Gomes (XII A1)

Head Girl